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Road Safety Of Reflective Material Unique Reflective Performance

Sep 26, 2017

Road Safety of Reflective Material Unique reflective performance

Reflective material characteristics Give you the "reflective material characteristics of reflective material will be the future investment hot", so that you understand the reflective cloth in addition to the outside, the industry can have more understanding! [Reflective] reflective material characteristics reflective material will become a hot investment in the future

Compared with the ordinary light box inkjet cloth, the advertising 24 hours to achieve visibility. Has a unique reflective performance, do not need to set the night light source or external light source of the situation, by reflecting the light emitted by the vehicle itself can be achieved and built-in light source or external light source of the same visible effect. The use of ordinary inkjet cloth advertising, only daytime visible advertising effect, the night visibility is very low, simply can not play the role of advertising. And reflective inkjet cloth day and ordinary inkjet cloth, but its night can be reflected through the past vehicles to light, to achieve high-intensity, long-range visible effect, so that advertising in the day and night with the same advertising effect. Because of the above advantages, so reflective inkjet cloth is a common light box inkjet cloth alternatives.

Compared with ordinary reflective material: with inkjet and tensile strength and stronger reflective strength. Advertising on the application of traditional reflective advertising materials generally PET adhesive advertising grade reflective film, PET material properties that he can not be inkjet, the general PET-type advertising-grade reflective film used only for lettering, which greatly limits the reflective material Use on advertising. Reflective inkjet material appears to solve this problem immediately, reflective inkjet material surface layer can be painted high-face reflective material, ink absorption, as long as the universal solvent can be inkjet ink. General advertising grade reflective material does not have the required tensile performance of advertising, can only use other support such as PC version, through the paste in the support above the use. Reflective inkjet cloth is the bottom of the PVC folder mesh, he has a PVC folder with tensile strength, he can use the same as ordinary folder mesh. The main product of the general reflective grade of the retroreflective material is the typical retroreflective coefficient of 50 cd / lx / m2, and the typical retroreflectivity of the reflective cloth is above 200 cd / lx / m2. Reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective ink, reflective marking paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective webbing, reflective safety silk fabrics. Reflective material is able to reflect, mainly in most of the reflective material contains a high refractive index glass beads; it is because of its existence, the incident light reflected back to the original light source, the formation of regression reflection phenomenon.