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Reflective Safety Products High Refractive Index

Oct 30, 2017

reflective safety products High refractive index

As in the next few years and even decades the acceleration of our country highway traffic construction, the implementation of the strategy of urbanization and urbanization, the 2008 Olympic Games to be held in Beijing, China's openness to further expand, the tourism industry "cake" bigger and people in pursuit of fashion, colorful reflective membrane life reflective material in our country and the world market development prospect is good.

The experts from the institute of physics and chemistry of the Chinese academy of sciences said that the reflective materials mainly include: reflective ink, reflective marker paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective ribbon, reflective safety silk fabric, etc. Reflective material can glance, mainly lies in the vast majority of reflective material contain a high refractive index glass beads, precisely because it exists, will people shoot the light is reflected back to the light source according to the original road, forming regression reflection phenomenon.

According to the position of the glass microbeads in the reflective materials, the reflective materials can be divided into two types: exposed and flat. The exposed type refers to the glass microbeads at the surface of the reflective material, and the microbeads are directly in contact with the air. Ceiling type refers to the glass beads sat on a transparent resin, resin is exposed to air, good weatherability, such materials can be reflected light, the surface is not easy to stick dust, rain is not affected, but the structure is complex, the technological requirements of the equipment are high, the main products are all kinds of reflective film, highway use reflective material that is belong to this type.

At present, the application of reflective materials mainly focuses on two major market areas, one is the planned special market, the other is the civil market. The planned special market has already formed quite a large scale, and the civil market has great potential, which is good for the reflective materials industry giants such as America 3M, the pioneer of the world's reflective materials.

So-called plan specialized market, generally refers to the instructions and regulations according to the country, must use the reflective material field, such as public security, transportation, sanitation department staff work uniforms, road signs, signs, marking, mines, railways and other field operation personnel clothing, braces, etc.

Reflective paint includes road signs reflective paint, return to reflective paint. The sign of traditional materials (hot melt paint, cold spray paint) not only need to allocate a lot of artificial work, and prone to paint off phenomenon, do not have reflective performance, in the fog rain on the ground, need a strong light barely discernible, and return to the reflective coating is to point to in ordinary paint spray surface covered a layer of glass beads, it not only overcome the defects, the use of safe driving with the protection and the driver.

In 1998, China has reached 8733 kilometers, the highway trunk or state road 140522 kilometers, 20 million motor vehicles, the reflective coating is 8000 tons per year, reflective ink is 2000 tons, output value of 200 million yuan. Meanwhile, statistics from the department of transportation security show that the number of people killed by traffic accidents in the world's major countries was 601,471 in 1998, with 78,067 people in China alone, the highest number in the world. According to the comprehensive analysis, the traffic accidents in major cities in China were significantly higher at night than in the daytime, and the peak of accidents was concentrated at 8 ~ 10pm in the evening, and one of the reasons for this was the low visibility of the roads. The appearance of reflective materials successfully solves the problem of "seeing" and "being seen".