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Reflective Heat Transfer Film The Surface Is Generally Made By

Aug 11, 2017

Reflective Heat Transfer Film The surface is generally made by

Reflective heat transfer film in the transport industry is the use of a major improvement in traffic safety, greatly improving the protection of night travel. Reflective materials, traffic signs, crystal color grid, reflective heat transfer film, reflective cloth, and so are my company to provide quality products to the quality of our development as a guarantee, has achieved good results. Reflective film how to foil it?

The first step, do a good job of substrate selection, cleaning and so on. As the reflective heat transfer film and some contain anti-blocking agent, unsaturated polyester, plasticizers, grease and other substances in the plastic can not be well bonded, so to be attached to the plastic, you must assess the reliability of its use The Polish with 400 ~ 500 sandpaper to ensure bonding performance. Before you paste, you must carefully scrub with a degreasing solvent and rinse with water.

The second step, the use of horizontal lap, with particular attention to strict pressure and seal, to prevent rain infiltration. Characters and smaller size of the reflective heat transfer film can be used rubber roller, polyurethane scraper and other tools manual film. Scraper, etc. is best wrapped with a slightly moist velvet. Film step by step, force evenly, the pressure appropriate, be sure to film once successful.

The third step, after the completion of the construction, if the surface of the stains, please use alcohol solvents or neutral detergent scrub, and not with ketones (such as acetone), esters (such as ethyl acetate) and other solvents; Should avoid excessive damage caused by excessive force. Beijiao for the room temperature cross-linking type, in order to achieve the best bonding performance, reflective signs and other foil after the proposed indoor maintenance 2 to 4 days.

The above is on the "reflective heat transfer film into what kind of reflective heat transfer film film Note" a brief introduction, our company also reflective inkjet film, reflective inkjet film and many other related products, if you are more interested, you can contact us Get more details.

Reflective heat transfer film surface is generally made by the light transmission and good weather resistance of the resin film, reflective layer according to different types of reflective heat transfer film of its composition materials are also different, with tiny glass beads, micro-prism or metal reflective coating And so on, the base layer for the resin made of organic compounds film, adhesive layer is generally epoxy resin reflective, reflective heat transfer film is divided into several types of the bottom layer is made of thick protective layer.