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Reflective Heat Transfer Film How To Use It

Sep 15, 2017

Reflective Heat Transfer Film How to use it

Reflective heat transfer film storage and use of cutting and use

One, storage

    Reflective heat transfer film should be stored in ventilated, boring, the temperature at 18-24 ℃, relative humidity of 30-50% of the room. The packing box is placed on the pallet or pad, not directly to the ground; its stacking layer does not exceed 5 layers. Reflective heat transfer film purchased, the demand in the use of the end of a year.

Second, cut

    Open or cut working environment: reflective heat transfer film should be 25 ± 3 ℃ temperature, relative humidity of 30-50% of the environment for more than 24 hours before they can work. To ensure the cleaning of the workplace and work.

    Cutting reflective heat transfer film advocates the operator wear silk or cotton gloves, so as not to damage or contaminate the reflective heat transfer film appearance.

    After the cutting of the reflective heat transfer film to be placed in a flat, lubricated platform, the platform area is greater than the area of the cutting reflective heat transfer film. If not used, should be put on plastic bags and tie bags

Mouth, to prevent moisture. With the same shape, the same size of the film is necessary to accumulate regular, control the accumulation of height does not exceed 3cm, do not pressurize any heavy objects.

    Length of 3 meters or more, a larger area of reflective heat transfer film should be tightly wound on the paper tube (paper tube diameter of not less than 100mm), with three tape fixed vertically placed in the plastic bracket, in order to avoid "tunnel" Appearance. Should be used quickly to open the reflective film has been opened. Do not use the finished reflective heat transfer film, should be tighten the film to the original volume of the paper tube, and tape with more than three fixed, in the paper tube at both ends of the plastic stent, set a good plastic bag back from the original carton Inside. Can also be in the center of the reflective heat transfer film tube through the root of the iron bar, placed horizontally on a special shelf or vertical in the plastic bracket. Stop the unused reflex heat transfer film directly on the ground or leaning against the wall.

Third, the film way

    Substrate selection: Referred to the clean, flat aluminum plate or stainless steel plate that has been properly disposed of. Do not recommend directly attached to the plastic, rubber, wood and other substrate appearance.

    If the demand on the non-aluminum or stainless steel plate on the substrate, the user from the determination of the use of reflective heat transfer film adaptability.

    Substrate disposal: just the factory aluminum, stainless steel plate, the appearance is very lubricated, is not conducive to posting, need to use 400-500 sandpaper to arc-shaped direction of grinding. Before posting,

    It is necessary to use a degreasing solvent to wipe, and rinse with clean water, and boring disposal.