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Reflective Fabric Using The Principle Of

Oct 30, 2017

Reflective Fabric Using the principle of

How to choose reflective materials correctly

Reflective material in our daily life has been widely used, such as traffic signs, sanitation worker clothes, etc., so in the face of so many reflective materials on the market and the consumer how to choose?

The first step is to ensure the quality of the reflective materials. You might think that shine before material is has a certain toxicity, so for the reflective material must choose a certain quality assurance and it is normal manufacturer of production, so that it can guarantee the quality of reflective materials and optical film in the process of using security.

The reflection time that should choose reflective material is relatively long. Reflective material used in different industries, it has its own unique advantages, so the light duration of reflective material is particularly important, therefore, when choice must be for the use of reflective material and in consumers' mind has a degree of credibility and consumer recognition of relevant inspection, should choose the material that consumer trust.

Finally choose the manufacturer of reflective material is the best option has a certain reputation, the credibility of the manufacturer, using the simplest words, with the assurance of quality and service, so, if it is in no grasp, or don't know under the condition of reflective material, best choice has the reputation of manufacturers, so that they can protect their own consumer interests.

It is not hard to see, from how to choose the reflective material in the process of enterprise development, should pay attention to the product production technology research and development, to establish its own technology advantage, in order to let more consumers to choose their own products, make oneself have a certain market advantages. According to introducing, using the principle of reflective materials involving multiple subjects such as optics, physics, chemistry, the weather can be a good mask layer, layer of resin, glass beads, focusing on the layer, reflector, back rubber and stripping layer multiple levels, such as the production process is relatively complex, the technical requirements are relatively high. The effect of diffuse reflection is not reflected in the use, which can be used to reflect the light at night and in darker areas.

Basic industry's rapid development in our country make rapid progress of reflective materials, many kinds of reflective material products, self-sustaining, in various fields were able to compare with foreign advanced technology, and start with foreign enterprises in large quantities to grab market share. This fully demonstrates that China's reflective material industry has achieved remarkable achievements in recent years. But inevitably there are still a relatively weak link of project need industries increased technical support and research and development, such as high, refined, sharp on the research and development, production and promotion of reflective material use still not able to achieve satisfactory degree, so in production technology, scientific research and development aspects need to further improve, support reflective material in our country have a better development in the future.

The application of the reflective film in the solar oven

Reflective membrane material is widely used in traffic safety, not only identification installation of production and other fields, in the field of solar energy and other new energy use also play a role, such as in the use of solar ovens, reflective film application is more successful.

Cooker is according to the principle of mirror reflection will be focused to the focal plane in the sun at high temperature to make it run work new energy equipment, solar oven reflective film is the reflection of the sun supplies, have relatively good use effect.