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Reflective Fabric The Application Is Mainly Concentrated

Oct 19, 2017

Reflective Fabric The application is mainly concentrated

Now, reflective material is increasingly close to life. From the beginning of the planned special market to the development of the civilian market in recent years, reflective material again and again set foot on a new journey. Throughout the recent reflective materials of various types of news, it is easy to see that reflective materials in the life competition and business applications more and more people on the shopping and travel large shadow, reflective material with the development of time with the times The

By the French PBP2017 China 1200 km Challenge Finals Organizing Committee agreed that, PBP1200 sale of five souvenirs, namely a small yellow windbreaker, reflective vest, reflective backpack, riding suits and kettles. Recently registered a patented application of reflective material, will be confused with the 3D Scanner, Disney sold out of the cartoon statue will be difficult to be scanned and printed. According to the patent application, Disney will be a "anti-scan" material to make the statue of the face or head, so it is difficult to be clearly copied by the 3D scanner, this material is described as "reflective material" may be a glass Beads or the like, the surface of the material can absorb or reflect the light. At the same time, the use of reflective cloth on the clothing, reflective fabrics and other reflective materials, but also a major trend in international fashion, fashion and high-end features of the perfect embodiment of reflective materials will gradually open a new journey, perhaps in the near future, the general public Wearing a reflective material, reflective material will penetrate into the basic needs of people's lives.

At present, the application of reflective materials mainly concentrated in the two major market areas, one is dedicated to the market, the second is the civilian market. Plan dedicated market has now formed a considerable scale, the civilian market is a huge potential for the world's pioneers of reflective materials such as reflective material industry giants optimistic.

The so-called planning special market, generally refers to the law according to national directives, must use the field of reflective materials, such as public security, traffic, sanitation department staff work uniforms, road signs, signs, marking, mines, railways and other field operations clothing , Straps and so on. The so-called civilian market, generally refers to light industry, mine, railway, student clothing, all kinds of clothing, clothing, luggage and other fields. With the improvement of people's safety awareness, the civilian market gradually expanded, only the garment industry every year to reflect the cloth, reflective leather, reflective ribbon has been rapid growth. The next few years, the market capacity is still great.

In particular, the functional fabric of this piece of the market capacity of 70 billion, even if the reflective fabric, reflective fabric only a small part of it, it is also a larger market. Today, the role of reflective fabric more and more, not only can be flame retardant, but also cooling insulation in the future market, the application of the field gradually expanded, the market can be opened up gradually, the impact of personal life is gradually deepened , So the reflective material market is predictable, is very great.