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Reflective Fabric Reflective Inkjet Cloth

May 31, 2017

Reflective cloth can be divided into two kinds, one is the traditional sense of the reflective cloth, there is a reflective inkjet cloth, reflective inkjet cloth, also known as crystal color grid is introduced in 2005, a new type of reflective material can be painted.

Reflective cloth production principle: the high refractive index of glass beads with coating or coating process to do in the cloth base surface, making the ordinary fabric in the light irradiation can reflect the light. Mainly used for road traffic safety related products, is widely used in reflective clothing, all kinds of professional clothing, overalls, fashion, shoes and hats, gloves, backpacks, personal protective equipment, outdoor products, can also be made into various types of reflective products ,accessories.

Reflective inkjet cloth that is cloth crystal lattice, belonging to crystal lattice series micro-prism structure cloth-based reflective material.

Crystal color grid is a new type of reflective ink advertising material, this material is characterized by:

First, the super reflective strength: Based on micro-prism regression reflection technology, reflective intensity of 300cd / lx / m2.

Second, can be directly inkjet: the surface layer of PVC polymer materials, ink absorption, can be directly inkjet.

Third, the use of convenience: the type of fiber-based fiber cloth and PVC film, fiber composite cloth layer has a strong tensile strength, can be used as ordinary fiber synthetic inkjet cloth. Direct printing, direct tension installation; PVC film in the coating after the stickers can be directly in any smooth fabric for paste use.

Reflective inkjet cloth by the reflective layer and light box cloth layer composition. According to its reflective structure can be divided into standard reflective material, wide-angle reflective material and bright stars reflective material.

Logo reflective material that reflective inkjet cloth, the quality indicators of good and balanced, due to reflective indicators, is the largest market demand for products. There are two kinds of products: cloth and gum.

Wide-angle reflective material that is shiny star inkjet cloth, expanding the scope of effective reflection angle, broaden the use of reflective materials, but the reflectivity is slightly lower than the logo type. There are two kinds of products: cloth and gum

The sky-like reflective material that is full of stars inkjet cloth, in the use of stars flashing effect, increased the material did not spend the function, but compared to lower reflectivity, mainly for streets, shopping malls and shops and other cities surroundings. There are two kinds of products: cloth and gum.

Reflective inkjet cloth can be made after the large outdoor billboards for highways, roads, mines and other outdoor environment, no lighting at night, only the vehicle light and advertising content can be clear and bright, with the same effect during the day.