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Reflective Fabric Optical Properties

Sep 15, 2017

Reflective Fabric Optical properties

Reflective cloth and other series of reflective material, 1968, the United States ROWLAND brothers invented and registered micro-prism reverse reflection technology. Reflective film products by the United States 3M company pioneered the development of the current only the United States, Japan, China, South Korea and a few countries can produce a few countries, reflective film has been used in developed countries, its excellent optical properties and excellent society Economic value has been widely recognized and accepted. Similarly, it has also attracted the attention of many scientific and technological workers in the field of optical industry and traffic safety in China. In the 1970s, the teacher of the Department of Optics, Chinese Academy of Metrology, Yang Yonggang, introduced the technical principles, optical characteristics and performance test of the retroreflective film performance to the domestic, and then many scientific research institutes and colleges and universities have put on the reflective film series Research and development. Such as the Ministry of Communications Highway Science Institute, Institute of Optics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other scientific research units are organizing experts and special funds, set up a research team, carried out a project research. These early experts and research staff in the reflective material devoted a lot of effort, and achieved a certain degree of results, basically worked out a reflective material

With the emphasis on outdoor safety, reflective cloth in people's daily lives will be more generally adopted, reflective cloth market prospects are more optimistic. At present, the famous foreign sports and leisure goods company for urban office workers to use the morning and evening hours of outdoor sports lifestyle, the first reflective material used in clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, so that clothing in the beautiful, practical basis, security function. At the same time, the use of reflective materials in the clothing, but also the trend of popular international fashion, fashion and high-end features are reflected. For example, in NIKE, C & D, BDGYGUARD, CAMEL, ADIDAS, REEBOK and many other well-known international brands can see the reflection of the material figure, the domestic binary, Li Ning, Gewitt, Conway and other brands also appear reflective jewelry. In the field of clothing, although the reflective cloth in the unit product on the amount of small, but clothing, shoes and hats, bags and other daily supplies base large, short replacement cycle, the overall demand for reflective cloth is still very impressive, reflective cloth will be extensive outdoor safety The field is great.

Outdoor safety is an important topic for outdoor operations and people's attention in outdoor activities. Drawing on the experience of developed countries, people in the outdoor activities more and more attention to reflective clothing and other significant warning effect of the use of reflective products. Reflective cloth as a reflective clothing and other reflective products essential materials, and gradually play a greater role, as people outdoors safety guards, has become a reflective material manufacturers compete for market share of important areas.

Reflective cloth on the one hand for the production of high visibility warning clothing, dedicated to occupational safety protection; the other hand for the production of decorative reflective products, mainly for ordinary clothing, shoes and hats, bags and so on. At night, the reflective cloth can reflect the light back to the original road, enhance product visibility, causing visual attention.