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PET Reflective Film Applied To Requirements Of Advertising Cards

Dec 21, 2016

PET reflective film applied to requirements of advertising signs, reflective traffic signs (reflective road signs, reflective tape, reflective car number plates), reflective clothing, such as industrial safety signs. PET transfer film also known as heat transfer film, this transfer is characterized by high tensile strength, good thermal stability, low thermal shrinkage, smooth surface, good peel can be used repeatedly. It is mainly used as a carrier of aluminum, which after aluminized PET film on aluminum machine, glue and paper composite, and PET film strip, molecular layer shifted to Board by a very adhesive on the surface, forming so-called aluminized paper jam. Aluminium-plating paper jam production process are: PET membrane → release aluminized layer layer Layer → colors → → → coating transferred to paper jam. Vacuum aluminium-plating paper jam is a metallic cardboard, is advanced new packaging material which have been developed in recent years.