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Personal Safety Of Reflective Material Security

Oct 19, 2017

Personal Safety of Reflective Material Security

In people's minds, reflective materials are widely used in a variety of road safety facilities, reflective vests, reflective raincoats, flame retardant reflective cloth, reflective hot film and so on. It seems that the role of these reflective products is security, and personal life aesthetics has nothing to do, but most people do not know is that reflective silk and reflective fabric output, in fact, a certain proportion of life aesthetics, especially in the clothing Hats, scarves and so on.

Reflective wire is linear, with good weather resistance, easy to fade, fastness, good reflective effect, washable, resistant to dry cleaning and other characteristics, widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, toys, computer embroidery and other embroidery and hand Embroidery industry. At present, there are bright light, bright color reflective line, in addition to customers can also be customized according to the requirements of the color. Mainly for clothing and a variety of clothing accessories, night light can be reflected under the light, can play a safe role. With a reflective silk can be embroidered with beautiful patterns, embroidered in the clothes on the reflective pattern, not only make the clothing unique, but also in the night under the light of the light reflected the effect of light and shadow, is very beautiful. Reflective printed cloth pattern and style is rich, with fancy reflective cloth, for example, their reflective fabric printed by the patent fancy composite coating technology, custom reflective patterns can be combined into any fashion fabric. Compared with the traditional thermal transfer technology and reflective printing technology, fancy reflective coating technology has low cost, high production efficiency, high brightness, fastness, feel good and other obvious advantages. Customers can request a variety of fabrics and a variety of reflective patterns combined in the pursuit of comfort at the same time, to show the concept of personality and aesthetics. In fact, at this stage there are more and more reflective material into the people of life, reflective material is not only a security protection, but also with people's lives more closely, revealing the reflective properties of life aesthetics.

In the general impression, reflective clothing because of its good reflective effect for security areas. Reflective clothing can reflect the distant light back to the light, both in the day or night have good anti-reflective optical performance, especially at night, can play the same as the day of high visibility. So it is used for road traffic, construction, sanitation, etc., is a good security warning supplies.

But in recent years there are many news that reflective clothing is also celebrity, star favorite. As early as 2015, there is a series of reflective clothing appears on the surface seems to be an ordinary scarf, jacket, shirt pants, but when you use the flash to shoot, but it will reflect the strong light, so that photos appear serious light Poor, so that the photographer can not be identified, the main purpose is to destroy the paparazzi or journalist's flash photo, protect the privacy of the parties. And not long ago, South Korea's popular star Zhizhong wearing fluorescent green reflective vest appeared, sucked into a lot of attention, causing hot. It is reported that the right Zhi Long wearing a reflective vest is a foreign tide brand products, the price is not low, users have said that a treasure less than six dollars can have one, reflective in the days of the cat's cnss flagship store is as low as five Five one, can be described as inexpensive.