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Personal Safety Of Reflective Material High Refractive Index

Oct 10, 2017

Personal Safety of Reflective Material High refractive index

Reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective ink, reflective marking paint, reflective cloth, reflective leather, reflective webbing, reflective safety silk fabrics. Reflective material is able to reflect, mainly in most of the reflective material contains a high refractive index glass beads; it is because of its existence, the incident light reflected back to the original light source, the formation of regression reflection phenomenon.

At present, the application of reflective materials mainly concentrated in the two major market areas, one is dedicated to the market, the second is the civilian market planning market has now formed a considerable scale, the huge potential of the civilian market The so-called special market, generally refers to the country Directive regulations, must use the field of reflective materials, such as public security, traffic, sanitation department staff work uniforms, road signs, signs, marking, mining, railways and other field operations clothing, straps and so on. Reflective film, reflective paint, reflective coating, reflective security Silk fabrics are mainly used in this city which often reflective film in China's public security traffic department has been regulatory use, according to the standard requirements, reflective film annual consumption of about 2.5 million square Rice, annual sales will reach 600 million yuan. Reflective paint, including road materials, standard investment reflective material industry is good? Reflective paint, return to reflective paint. The traditional logo material (hot melt paint, cold paint), not only need to allocate a large number of manual work, and easy to produce Diaoqi phenomenon, do not have reflective performance, fog in the rainy days lost to the ground, the need for strong light irradiation, , And the return of reflective coating refers to the ordinary coating surface coated with a layer of glass beads, its use not only to overcome the above shortcomings, and the driver has a safe driving safety. Therefore, the reflective material will become a hot spot for future investment.

The above is on the "reflective material production principle of investment reflective material industry is good?" A brief introduction, our company also yellow and black (national grid map), yellow and black (national grid map) and many other related products, if you are more interested , You can contact us for more details. Reflective material working principle analysis:

According to the principle of reverse reflection, can use the lamp irradiation and light reflection, to "light" in front, to improve the driver to find the distance of the front object, which can give the driver a more adequate time to take appropriate safety measures. Reflective technology brings together a variety of disciplines and technologies in optics, materials science, mathematics, organic chemistry and so on. Therefore, the reflective material is a new technology under the product, so that our quality of life has been improved.

Reflective materials for traffic signs, road traffic safety facilities, vehicle identification, signs of the application has been very wide, played to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce the impact of economic losses reflective, reflective material production principles The development prospects of the industry A good one.