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History Of Reflective Material

Dec 21, 2016

The year 1950. Then developed the 1950 year United States scientist Dr Dong Qi Fang developed directional glass beads. Then developed a series of reflective fabric, reflective material, in 1968, the United States ROWLA ND brothers invented and registered micro-prismatic retro-reflective technology. Reflective film products from United States 3M pioneered the development of victory only United States, and Japan, China, Korea and a few other countries are able to produce, solar reflective film has been developed for temporary use, its excellent optical properties and excellent social and economic value has been widely recognized and accepted. Similarly, this also caused the Chinese optical and emptiness of many technology workers in areas of traffic safety concerns. 70, optical, measurement sciences teacher Yang Yonggang, China, structure of directional reflective properties, optical characteristics, performance testing, and technical documentation to the domestic, and many scientific research institutes and colleges successively reflective film series put on research and development.