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Fire Retardant Reflective Fabric The Scope Of Application

Oct 19, 2017

Fire Retardant Reflective Fabric The scope of application

Life, the application of a wide range of reflective cloth, the most common is made of reflective cloth reflective clothing. Reflective clothing is a high visibility warning clothing, engaged in outdoor operations and outdoor activities of the workers, reflective clothing play the role of security protection. Therefore, the scope of application of reflective cloth is very wide, all outdoor professionals are very necessary, for example, the armed police officers, oil workers, sea operations, road construction and aviation ground, and so many industries.

Reflective cloth according to the brightness, composite process and color can be divided into general bright reflective cloth, bright reflective cloth and bright silver reflective cloth. Pu Liang reflective cloth for the gray, the glass beads did not go through the aluminum, reflective brightness is weak. Bright reflective cloth day for the silver-gray, can clearly see the surface of the aluminum glass beads, reflective brightness is strong. Bright silver reflective cloth daytime display for the silver metal, the use of aluminum glass beads, reflective brightness strong. Reflective cloth according to the different cloth can also be divided into chemical fiber reflective cloth, TC reflective cloth, flame retardant reflective cloth, elastic reflective cloth and so on. Among them, the flame retardant reflective cloth can be divided into cotton flame retardant reflective cloth and aramid flame retardant reflective cloth. Cotton flame retardant reflective cloth with flame retardant finishing 100% cotton as a base cloth, more affordable. Aramid flame retardant reflective fabric with aramid fabric as a base fabric, congenital flame retardant, suitable for flame retardant requirements of high fire clothes and so on.

Reflective material, there are two major categories, one is the reflective powder, made of glass beads, the glass beads of the refractive index requirements are very high, light hit it on the top it can produce reverse reflection, in addition to a called micro Lattice, microcrystalline is made of polymer-like polymers made of a specific trait similar to the prism of the same thing, it can also achieve complete reverse reflection, of course, compared to the two materials, the second than the first The reflectivity is higher.

 Reflective vest, by the reflective cloth, reflective strip, reflective material, reflective package edge and other components. Reflective fabrics are also divided into many kinds. Different people need different materials. Outdoor staff are generally wearing a reflective service, both in the day or night have a good anti-reflective optical performance. Especially at night, can play the same as the day of high visibility. So that 100 meters away people can see you, to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. The extensive use of reflective materials will also make our lives more convenient, the industry also need constant innovation, with better technology to produce better reflective supplies. So that more people have to use reflective material. Recognize the functionality of the reflective material, aesthetics. Our new research and development of reflective cloth. Will be incorporated into the fashion, which can expand the scope of use, no longer apply only to traffic officers, sanitation staff. So that night run the family, office workers are able to wear a safe and stylish reflective service.