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Fire Retardant Reflective Fabric Smoldering

Oct 10, 2017

Fire Retardant Reflective Fabric Smoldering

Reflective cloth is a widely used in traffic safety equipment, uniforms, uniforms, film, protective clothing and other people's lives and property is closely related to high-tech products. This kind of reflective material is the use of high refractive index glass beads back to the principle of reflection, through the post-processing of advanced processing technology made. It can reflect the distant light back to the light, both in the day or night have a good retroreflective optical performance. Especially at night, can play the same as the day of high visibility. The use of this high-energy reflective fabric made of safety clothing, whether the wearer is in the distance, or in the case of light or scattered light reflection of the case, how to use reflective cloth can be more easily found by the night driver. The appearance of the reflective material successfully solved the "see" and "seen" this night driving problem. Reflective cloth manufacturers specifically talk about flame retardant reflective cloth indicators, which is also an important indicator of the quality of flame retardant reflective cloth.

Delayed combustion: refers to the material after leaving the fire to continue the phenomenon of burning fire.

Smoldering: refers to the material to leave the fire, no flame, slow burning phenomenon.

Fold: refers to the material in the ignition process, the material melting or dripping phenomenon.

Arc: is a gas discharge phenomenon, the current through some of the insulating medium generated by the instant spark.

"How to use reflective cloth? Flame retardant reflective cloth What are the use of?" The content is our Xiaobian carefully prepared for everyone, remember the anti-reflective cloth said something? These may have some less comprehensive place, we will in the future of the article for everyone to explain one by one! The flame retardant reflective cloth is a kind of a reflective cloth, which comprises a flame retardant cloth layer, characterized in that the flame retardant cloth layer is covered with an adhesive layer, an aluminum reflective layer and a high refractive index glass microbead layer from below, Glass beads have part of the sphere embedded in the aluminum reflective layer.

Flame retardant reflective cloth in life plays a very important role. Its main purpose is to make clothing, fire-retardant fabric to do the clothing in the case of low visibility as long as there is a weak light when there is eye-catching reverse regression reflective performance. Especially when used as a fire service or life-saving clothing, as long as there is a weak light, you can find the use of fire-retardant reflective cloth use what? Standard, is conducive to the firefighters or wear this life-saving staff of the ambulance.