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Fire Retardant Reflective Fabric Flame Retardant Material

Jul 14, 2017

Fire Retardant Reflective Fabric Flame retardant material

1, PH value of the failure, mainly due to cotton and other natural fiber molecules containing hydroxyl and other hydrophilic groups, and acid, alkali have a certain affinity, if the production process of washing (neutral) is not thorough, or washed The process of adding a variety of finishing agent without standardized control, the fabric will be the presence of acid and alkali residues.

2, the color fastness of the failure rate is also high, the international community, especially in developed countries and regions have made mandatory testing of clothing color fastness requirements. Such as in Europe, the most representative of the Oko-Tex100 color fastness as a security project, clearly defined the specific technical requirements.

Flame-retardant clothing with the body, with the following characteristics and technical parameters:

1, made of flame retardant material, has a strong flexibility, comfortable to wear. A wide range of applications, whether it is plumbing workers or cable workers, this flame retardant clothing can give workers the most effective protection;

2, the use of convenient, durable and safe insulation buttons. Upper body flame retardant clothing has a safe and convenient built-in pocket, cuffs are equipped with adjustable buttons.

3, fire-retardant uniforms is the most widely used in individual protective products one of the varieties, the principle of fire-retardant clothing protection is mainly to take insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization and other shielding role, flame retardant clothing to protect workers from Fire or heat damage.

4, flame retardant clothing with fabric, the fabric of the flame-retardant fiber so that the fiber burning speed greatly slowed down, after the fire can be removed immediately after their own, and the burning part of the rapid carbonization without melting, dripping or wearing Hole, giving enough time to evacuate the burning site or take off the body of burning clothes, reduce or avoid burns and burns, to achieve the purpose of protection. Widely used in oil fields, petrochemicals, gas stations, chemicals, fire and other areas of clothing have a variety of protective requirements of the occasion. KEVLAR can provide a variety of different shapes of change, its characteristics, high temperature, high tensile, high hardness (hardness), low elongation, impact resistance and chemical resistance, from the original wire, twist yarn (Ripcord) , Woven (plain weave / knit), plus resin (coating) or other materials composite (composite) can provide different functionality.

KEVLAR also has excellent high temperature performance, not only in the negative 196 degrees to 204 degrees within the temperature range of continuous use without significant changes or impairments; also has insoluble, fire (not combustion), only Will start at 427 degrees of carbonation characteristics, even at negative temperatures of 196 degrees, there is no change and performance loss phenomenon, and can withstand the temperature up to 538 degrees short time exposure excellent temperature performance. KEVLAR can also be used to reinforce many of today's commercially available polymer materials and is as easy to process as fiberglass materials, using KEVLAR 30 to 35 percent lighter than glass fiber and 2.5 times strong steel, while KEVLAR And carbon fiber composite material also has excellent compression strength.

KEVLAR fabric fabric with high-strength flame retardant, high temperature, cutting, tear resistance, for a variety of civil defense and industrial areas.