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Reflective Sheeting Aluminum Reflective Film

Jun 08, 2017

Reflective Sheeting Aluminum reflective film

Reflective film, as the name implies, with light source to light. Such as the moon with the sun; now there are reflective film on the market mainly aluminum reflective film, glass reflective film and plastic reflective film three categories.

Advantages: anti-fall, long life, you can recover high value

Disadvantages: high cost, waste of resources, proofing difficult, reflective effect is poor.

Advantages: low price, long service life

Disadvantages: fragile, proofing difficult, high cost of transport can be high recovery costs

Advantages: low prices, low transport costs, large eyes convenient, excellent reflection effect, recyclable

Disadvantages: temperature is not high (120 or less), the service life of 3 to 5 years

Plastic reflective film classification editing

Plastic reflective film commonly used are: acrylic reflective film, PS reflective film, PC reflective film, PVC reflective film, PET reflective film.

Acrylic Reflector: Thickness at 0.5 ~ 6mm 1220 * 1830mm

PS Reflector: thickness of 1 ~ 6mm 1220 * 1830mm

PC Reflector: 0.125 ~ 2mm 915 * 1830mm

PVC reflective film: 0.2 ~ 2mm 915 * 1830mm

PET Reflective sheet: thickness 0. ~ 1.0mm wide within 1m, length 100m

Widely used in emergency lights, table lamps, fluorescent lamps, learning lights, LED lights, eye protection, ceiling lamps, fluorescent lamps, fish tank lights and other energy-saving lighting and handicrafts, decorations, toys, hardware, electrical appliances, electronic products.

Reflective materials are mainly used for the production of a variety of reflective signs signs, vehicle license plate, safety facilities, etc., during the day with its bright colors play a clear warning role in the night or lack of light in the case of its bright reflective effect can Effectively enhance the ability of people to identify, see the target, causing vigilance, so as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce economic losses, become an indispensable road safety guards, has a clear social benefits. The use of a wide range of public security traffic, traffic supervision, fire, railway, coal and other departments, civilian reflective material is mainly reflective cloth, reflective lattice, reflective inkjet cloth and so on.

 China's reflective material in the application of the logo industry began in early 80s, then with the development of China's reflective material industry gradually expanded, the use of a wide range of public security traffic, traffic supervision, fire, railway, coal and other departments, to ensure personal safety of labor Protective equipment and civilian products and other fields began to widely used. After the 1990s, the domestic reflective material market began to enter the track, the application of the field more and more widely, the more professional and more subtle, the relevant departments of different uses of reflective materials were developed international standards or industry standards, such as: national occupation Standard EN-47l (high visibility warning service), "road traffic signs reflective film" and so on. Europe and the United States and other Western developed countries will also use the reflective material as an important basis for insurance compensation, and the use of regulations or encouragement to formulate or promote the use of reflective materials, such as rain, fog, snow, Environment, the elderly, children go out, must wear or wear a reflective material with a sign or clothing. Reflective materials are mainly reflective cloth, reflective crystal lattice, reflective inkjet cloth, etc., the production of reflective cloth of the domestic well-known manufacturers have Ming Ming, Star China, night vision and so on.