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Reflective cloth strips sewn on high visibility warning clothing

Dec 21, 2016

Reflective cloth only for the production of high-visibility warning clothing dedicated to occupational safety protection; the other hand used to make decorative reflective products, mainly used in ordinary clothing, hats, bags, etc. At night, light reflective fabric can be reflected back by the same route, enhance product visibility, attract the attention of Visual. Reflective cloth strips sewn on high visibility warning clothing at night with its remarkable reflective effects play a role in security alerts. High visibility warning clothing is widely used for all kinds of outdoor workers, using a wide range. In China, outdoor career type range, outdoor practitioners number huge, according to existing statistics, 2009 China fire team personnel about for 400,000 people, police team about for 1.7 million people, armed police team about for 1 million people, environmental workers about 210,000 people, nearly 3 million of coal mine workers, and large road construction, and road conservation, and oil workers, and sea job, and aviation ground, and mining exploration, outdoor job personnel, these career practitioners are need configuration at least two sets high Visual sex warning clothing.