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Body reflective logo paste tactics and rules

Dec 21, 2016

Body reflection marking adopts red-and-white strip of reflective material from the two colors not greater than the proportion of units II and more not less than 0.5, no matter which colour material, length not greater than 450 mm, but also not less than 150 mm. Third, pasted body reflective logo on each car should be less than the total area 2m2. Four, pasted body reflection marking should not be blocked from the paste and vehicle body reflective logo cases should not affect the original lighting and signalling devices for performance. Five, for painted surfaces in good condition, but after cleaning the surface paste the body shine directly on the paint, paint is soft, powder, remove paint, anti-rust treatment of the substrate and then paste body reflective logo. Six, vehicle protection devices, protective devices can be pasted on body reflective logo. Seven, the body is unable to paste body reflective logo and body reflection marking materials shall be posted on the liner first, then install to the vehicle body. After eight pastes, vehicle body reflective logo, needs to correspond to the body reflective logo at the corner of waterproofing treatments.